3D Studios Design Dept. has a combined 30 years of industry experience with extensive on-set expertise to deliver a unique service.


We specialise in solving all your creative challenges, ranging from The Prop Master, Prop Man and prop making to building sets, rigs and effects.


Our diverse range of skills and knowledge means we can tackle any project and at 3D Studios Design Dept. we thrive on a challenge.

Our main goal is to get the best result for you within your budget, whether big or small.



What we can do for you:


Prop Master and Prop man

With our range of experience on many projects as both Prop Master and Prop Man, at 3D Studios Design Dept. it is our attention to detail as trained Model Makers that provides a first rate and truly unique prop service, fully equipped to solve every onset creative challenge in a efficient and effective manner.



We’re able to provide you with a specialist stylist skill set developed through experience with food, packaging, large sets and small sets to effects and construction. Making any problem no longer a problem.


Prop Making and Effects

Not only do we look after your props but we can also make them for you. We are proficient in a wide range of mediums and materials and can provide the perfect prop you’re after – just let us know what you have in mind.


Breakaway and soft props

Puppets and puppeteers

Set making/dressing

Rigs & Effects




Here at 3D Studios Design Dept. we love to make the magic happen. If you can think of it, we can make it happen!


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